Regardless of how you choose to work with us, our initial meeting is FREE. In this first meeting, our goal is to gain a clear understanding of who you are and what you’re looking to accomplish. We will mutually determine if our services are the right fit for your situation.

Financial Planning

One-Time plan ($499—$2,499)

For most of our clients, our relationship begins with a comprehensive financial plan. We’ll cover all the bases— from goal setting, to optimizing your cash flow, retirement, insurance, estate & tax planning, and much more. Our fee for this service is based upon the plan complexity. We will give you a firm quote before you commit to anything.

Hourly ($125/hr)

Our hourly planning is for those looking to get advice on a single specific topic or several topics. This arrangement is a simple hourly model in which we bill by the hour for our time and services. We will quote you the hourly rate and number of hours in advance. No surprises.

Ongoing (varies)

Most of our clients work with us on an ongoing basis. They prefer to always have us “on call” to answer financial questions and for us to regularly update their financial plan. For those that we are managing assets for under a fee-based arrangement, we do not charge anything additional to regularly review and update your original plan.

Investment Management


We charge a percentage of Assets Under Management (AUM) for our investment management services. Our annual fee is divided into monthly payments that are automatically deducted from your account(s). This fee-based model allows us to make investment choices that are always in your best interest. Our fees include all trade fees as well. We have breakpoints that automatically reduce our percentage fee once your assets reach certain levels. These fees can be changed based upon the complexity of the relationship if mutually agreed upon by the advisor and client in advance. Our standard fees are as follows:

AUM Fees.png

To give you an idea of what you might expect to pay, here are a few blended rates based upon different account sizes:

Blended Fees.png

Our fees are well below industry averages. Here are the average financial advisor all-in-fees for different account sizes:

*Source: Advisory HQ, “Average Financial Advisor Fees in 2018-2019

*Source: Advisory HQ, “Average Financial Advisor Fees in 2018-2019