Investment Management

We can create and manage all the necessary accounts you need to reach your goals. Some of the accounts we can create and manage include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal Retirement Accounts (Traditional and Roth IRAs)

  • Company Retirement Accounts (401ks, SIMPLE and SEP IRAs)

  • Brokerage Accounts (Individual, Joint, Custodial)

  • Trust Accounts (UTMAs and UGMAs)

  • College Savings Accounts

Your investment strategy is vital to reaching your financial goals. We develop tailored portfolios based upon the following ideals:


This means that we rely upon decades of market history when building our portfolios rather than trying to predict the future. No one has a crystal ball, no matter how educated they are. Academic research has consistently shown that trying to time the market does not work. While you cannot control nor predict the future, you can control risk, asset allocation, expenses, and taxes.


Risk can be reduced through diversification. This is more than simply having a lot of holdings. A diversified portfolio is globally invested, contains companies of different sizes and sectors of the economy, and has the right mix of stocks vs. bonds. While you cannot eliminate investment risk, you can minimize it through diversification.


The most important thing to control is your behavior. No amount of risk management, asset allocation, expense reduction, nor tax savings will make up for behavioral pitfalls. There are many different psychological factors that can lead you to make investment mistakes. It’s part of our job to prevent you from making those mistakes.

Low costs

We seek to minimize expenses by using low-cost mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. High costs can drag down the return of any portfolio, no matter how diversified it is.

tax efficiency

Taxes are also a major component of any investment strategy. While you can rarely eliminate taxes, you can minimize them. An efficient investment strategy always considers the tax implications.


A good investment strategy is one that you understand. We will not talk in jargon you do not understand and we will work with you no matter your level of investment literacy. Our clients become better, more intelligent investors with each year they work with us.


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